Consider a Custom Built Boat

Good reasons to go custom by Jenkins Marine, Sooke BC Canada

1. Custom-built means receiving an intentional return on your investment.

By ordering a custom-built boat, you can make intentional requests on your boat's design. This will ensure that you receive all of the features that you most desire, while also receiving the maximum return on your investment.

2. You can view the construction process from start to finish.

By purchasing a boat straight from the sales lot, you don’t always know the level of craftsmanship or materials that are used. Instead, ordering a custom-built boat from Jenkins Marine LTD. in Sooke BC Canada, we can give you peace of mind. Imagine having the freedom to view your boat’s construction from start to finish.

3. You’ll have a boat that is designed just for you.

Having a boat designed just for you means that it’s more than just an investment; it’s a way of life. By ordering custom work, sailing the seas with your boat, the boat you had a hand in customizing, will have more meaning for you. Not only will you have a boat that fits your lifestyle, but you can expect to embrace high-quality experiences for many years to come.

Overall, with a custom built boat, the level of satisfaction of owning a high-quality boat from Jenkins Marine LTD. will be an experience like none other. Jenkins Marine Ltd. Sooke BC ensures you receive the best quality, the boat of your dreams.

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